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Fran Drescher from On the set of 'Happily Divorced' in LA on Dec 7, 2012
This is Janet reporting that Fran will be wearing one of Swash Bucklers designs in an upcoming episode of 'Happily Divorced' and that I am thrilled about that! Additional styles have arrived on the set to possibly be worn by Fran, other members of the show or special guests.
Eve Staude from Catawba, NC on Oct 20, 2010
My friend and I met Janet in Ohio at a trade show and fell in love with her creative belts! We both bought a belt and I later bought one for my mother. I ordered the wrong size for my mom, but Janet made it so easy and fast to have another one made in time for Christmas. Her products are high quality, durable, and very unique. I love them all!!! Thanks Janet!
Bobbi Jean Bell from OutWest on the Walk of Western Stars, 24265 Main on Jul 10, 2010
While on a Museum Store Association conference in Louisville several years ago I visited the museum store associated with the Folk and Craft Museum there (probably not the correct name! Awesome place!) and found these unique designs. Since I was with a western history museum, at the time, I was enthralled and purchased one for myself, with plans to bring them into our museum's store. I wear it all the time, goes with everything and gets a lot of attention. I've met many new "friends" because they ask "where'd you get that belt?" I love that, as my weight has gone up and down over the years, it always fits! Thanks, Janet, for your great designs and attention to detail!
Debbie Botts from Glasgow, KY on Jul 8, 2010
I first met Janet at the St. James Art Fair in Louisville, Kentucky. I do not wear belts very often but fell in love with her jewelry and accessories. They were not only unique but so well made. I have gotten more compliments on my original and unique necklace and bracelet that I purchased than anything else I have worn. Love her work so keep it up. I am excited about this new website and hope to find more accessories.
Carrie DeVoll from Howell Mi on Jul 2, 2010
I have to say , I ran across Janet about maybe even 6 years ago... My daughter and I fell in love with her unique and well done belts. I bought several , even for our trainer and they have remained timeless.. Love them to death and so happy she has her website to view all her new creative designs. Nothing like owning something that is down home made and totally a few steps above anything else you own... Good Luck to you Janet
Chris from Wisconsin on Jul 2, 2010
I got my Swash-Bucklers belt today and it's AWESOME! I Love the look, love the feel, love the novelty of the buckle, love the heavy-duty construction, LOVE IT ALL! The professional quality restores the phrase, "American-Made" back to what it used to be years ago. As a guy, I wasn't sure about going with the belt at first, but I can just see all the women asking me about my belt and what a great way to meet girls! ha ha Shipping was LIGHTNING FAST, only 2 days and my belt arrived in mint condition! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!
Judy Wegenast from Crestwood, KY on Jul 1, 2010
I purchased one of Jan's belts and have to say I love it! She is so creative and continually comes up with new and different looks - great for jeans or around an overblouse or shirtwaist dress. She has recently perfected her "boot bracelets" -- I need those too! If you haven't had the opportunity to view her work, I urge you to take a look. This is my first venture into her new web site (and I must say I am really impressed). Next stop is her catalog. Great job, Jan. Judy
Sierra Smith from Wyoming on Jul 1, 2010
I'm so glad Jan has a full blown, fully functional website now! Not only can I look at all her new stuff, but I can rave about the belts I have already purchased! I absolutely love my belts, and I wear them all the time. They go great with all my jeans, with skirts and tunic tops...with just about everything! She has come out with a bunch of new stuff, which I plan to study very carefully, because if I'm not careful, I'll order one of everything! It never fails that whenever I wear one of Jan's belts, someone stops me and asks me, "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT BELT? OMG, I LOVE IT!!!"
Chris from Green Bay, WI on Jun 27, 2010
Janet is a great lady and I know her to be quite the perfectionist. She definitely puts her heart and soul into her work. Her belts are really cool and so unique. What a great idea! Her future looks incredibly BRIGHT to me!