Natural Edge

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Get details for Brass Hoof Pick Brass Hoof Pick $137.00
A style designed with you guys in mind, turns out we gals like it too! This style of pick has nice smooth and round edges. Good belt for work or play!
Get details for Copper Plated Eggbutt Copper Plated Eggbutt $225.00
Awe! Looks great on the little back dress too! The combination of stainless steel and copper might be perfect for you! The copper will darken in time, but a little elbow grease with bring back that gorgeous shine. (4-1/2 copper mouth, 2-3/4" rings)
Get details for Criss Cross Style Criss Cross Style $147.00
The idea for this design just came to me one day while playing around in my studio. Serves the same purpose as a regular belt with a whole lot of added interest for you! NOTE: Options are: 2-1/2" dee in brass with stud closure.
Get details for Dee Ring Bit Dee Ring Bit $225.00
This stainless steel Dee Ring Bit definitely makes a bold statement and will keep that beautiful luster for years. If you are like me, the big bits will add to your playful style!
Get details for Double Twisted Team Bit Double Twisted Team Bit $180.00
Want more great conversation? Try this one! I call it “Twice Broken and Double Twisted!” Guaranteed to initiate some great conversation with my line (feel free to use). Definitely for those of us who chose not to roll over...feel stronger and more inspired to succeed while ...
Get details for Eggbutt Bit Eggbutt Bit $225.00
Round and smooth edges compared to the Dee Snaffle. Same great beauty with the stainless steel and smooth curves for you. (4-1/2" mouth, 2-3/4" rings)
Get details for High Tension Panic Snap High Tension Panic Snap $130.00
Have you ever known someone that was in a panic to relieve the pressure? The panic snap was designed for a quick release for cross-tying your horse in the barn or during transporting. Another masculine style that will serve you well as a belt too!
Get details for Mini Eggbutt Bit Mini Eggbutt Bit $225.00
The most popular style, also made of stainless steel. A little on the small side for me, however it might be just the perfect look for you! (3-1/2 mouth, 2" ring)
Get details for Panic Snap Panic Snap $146.00
This panic snap is easier to release than the high tension style. Probably wouldn't use on a horse, is smaller in size while offering you the same great reaction!
Get details for Panic Snap with Hoof Pick Panic Snap with Hoof Pick $150.00
Perfect for all the trail riders out there! A customer requested this one and never came back....her loss! Your gain! A new style was born. Combination of the two is even easier to release than the snap alone. On a trail ride you can use this nifty belt to pick your horses h...
Get details for Pear Faceplate Pear Faceplate $138.00
Nice fancy piece of stainless steel with a beautiful shine! Closest style to the normal buckle with a nice touch of elegance! If you are like aren't restricted to the norm anymore! (3-1/4" overall length)
Get details for Racing Dee Racing Dee $220.00
For the really anxious horse or individual in your case...this bit has multiple copper and stainless rollers. Adding this to a belt gives a whole new meaning to “Chompin at the Bit”! (5" mouth-2-7/8" dees)
Get details for Savvy Snap Savvy Snap $150.00
If you're looking for the masculine touch! Here it is! Looks great on this guy! You can go out playing or working with this style. Closure is a hidden swivel in the center and will certainly add a new twist to your style! (4-1/2" overall length)
Get details for Sensational Snap Sensational Snap $150.00
Same masculine design in brass. Looks and works great for the gals too! Closure is a hidden swivel in the center and will certainly add a new twist to your style! (4-1/2" overall length)
Get details for Silvertone Hoof Pick Silvertone Hoof Pick $137.00
Nickel over brass to provide you with that silver tone. This style has a masculine look with squared edges added to the pick.
Get details for Studded Sweet Swash Bucklers Studded Sweet Swash Bucklers $147.00
Another Swash Bucklers original style with a 2-1/2" brass dee.
Get details for Stylish Floral Dee Stylish Floral Dee $147.00
A classic style 3" saddle dee with more of the fancy floral engraving!
Get details for Stylish Floral With Accent Stylish Floral With Accent $147.00
This classic style 3" saddle dee is adorned with black accent in the recessed areas. Offering you a different appearance !
Get details for Trace Carrier Trace Carrier $135.00
Designed to ride on the hind quarter of a harness. Made with chrome over brass and has a bold look on a smaller scale. Another style I created with you guys in mind! (1-1/4" overall length)
Get details for Trace Carrier Too! Trace Carrier Too! $135.00
Sure do like to offer you options! This one is in brass for those of us who like the goldtones. (1-1/4" overall length)
Get details for Twisted Wire Team Bit Twisted Wire Team Bit $150.00
Most popular in the twisted style. This stainless steel bit has a darkened antique look in the twist. Beautiful touch! No need to hide all that beauty in the horses mouth! No doubt it will look great on you! (6" mouth, 3" rings)